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Connecting Brand and Entertainment Marketers Since 1994

About Us

For over 20 years, The L.A. Office has become an invaluable resource for brands and entertainment marketers as they try to reach their partnership marketing goals. Our clients rely on our proven ability to bring together the people and companies that are driving the business. In addition to connecting the right people, The L.A. Office provides access to a wide range of properties, resources, and partnership opportunities.

Specifically, our goal is to simplify the research, and connect marketers through the following portfolio of services: an exclusive online community known as MarketingPartnerships.com; RoadShow On-Demand Property Reviews; biannual marketing events; and personalized consulting. Our tools and services streamline the process and ensure that our customers have up-to-date contacts and information to formulate successful marketing campaigns.


Our team has over 60 years of combined experience in the partnership marketing and entertainment business.


If it weren't for our partners, we wouldn't be in business. We appreciate all of our members, clients and event attendees and we are commited to delivering the best we can to each of them.


As the industry evolves, we are always working to bring together the newest insights and the marketers that are driving the business.


Our success is based on the success of our partners. For almost 25 years, we have been connecting the industry and these connections have resulted in hundreds of successful partnerships.

Meet the Team

Mitch Litvak

A 25-year veteran of the entertainment marketing industry, Mitch founded The L.A. Office in 1994 to broaden the relationships between brand and entertainment marketers. Since then, The L.A. Office has created numerous tools and services that promote the "business" of entertainment partnerships.

Nick Mitich
Digital Marketing & Membership Supervisor

Nick is a part of the The L.A. Office membership team . He focuses on RoadShow On-Demand, brand outreach and both VIP and Corporate Membership within MarketiingPartnerships.com. Nick also plays an important role in our event marketing and attendee communications.

Faisal Hussain
Office Manager

Faisal works closely with event sponsors and speakers for The LA Office's Industry Insights Summit in the spring and Brand Partnership Forum in the fall. Faisal also works with The LA Office team to maintain a positive environment and fun workplace.

Earl Schultz
Membership Coordinator

As a member of The L.A. Office membership team, Earl assists in the development and operations of the Membership Program as well as assisting with event and attendee communication.

Thomas Kee
Membership Assistant

Thomas has been at the L.A. Office since May of 2019 where he serves as the Office Assistant. He has worked in the entertainment partnership field for over three years.


Where Brands and Entertainment Meet, Connect and Create Deals

The L.A. Office hosts two events that are like none-other in the industry! Both the Industry Insights Summit and the Brand Partnership Forum bring together top client-side brand and entertainment partnership marketers. Over 100 different companies are represented at each event, and on the entertainment side, every major Film Studio, TV Network, Music Company and Theme Park are represented. Attendance at each event is kept to 150-client side marketers, to ensure an intimate environment of key decision-makers from each organization. Most importantly, some of the industry’s biggest marketing deals are generated through attendance at our events.

Attendees at each 3-day conference will hear from top-brands about tactics, trends in insights in their categories. The linchpin for these events is the networking opportunities borne out of bringing an intimate community of 150 client-side marketers to one conference.

People Are Talking L.A. Office Events


"The Forum was the perfect opportunity to grow my professional network, hear examples of partnerships that were successful, and get conversations started about potential partnerships. This event is truly one-of-a-kind!" Alyssa Eliasen, Communication Specialist & Spokesperson
Southwest Airlines
“I was expecting a typical conference but found an event that is so creative, collaborative and fun! I feel so honored to be an attendee!”Lindsley Lowell, Trade PR & Digital Manage
Schwarzkopf Professional
“Year after year I’m amazed at the quality of the content & networking. If you don’t leave this meeting wowed & connected it’s your own fault! The opportunities are endless.” Julie Lynn York, Group Manager,Partnership Marketing
Brown-Forman Beverages
"The events are a priceless event for us. We’ve closed over a dozen partnership deals from the event!" Marissa Durazzo, Director, Partnerships & Promotions
Cost Plus World Market
“Wow, excellent use of my time. Saw many old friends and made some great new ones! Looking forward to seeing the partnerships deliver results.” Michael Tilley, US Lead Shopper Marketing and Strategic Partnerships
Mondelez International
“It was my first L.A. Office event so I didn’t know what to expect but I was amazed! I met so many great people and can’t wait to go back and figure out how we can work together!” Jaci McQuesten, Sr. Manager, Integrated Promotions
“Industry Insights Summit is a great place to meet new partners and develop exciting relationships. They make networking not work!” Gaye Dean, Marketing Director, License
"The Brand Partnership Forum hosted by The L.A. Office is one of the most informative and well-run networking events I have ever attended." John Boccuzzi, VP, Edible for Business
Edible Arrangements, LLC.
“Every time I attend an LA Office event I form relationships that benefit me all year. One of the best conference for partnerships.” Karen O'Brien, VP, Global Social Sales
Western Union
“The Industry Insights Summit is one of the most productive meetings of the year. The L.A. Office put on a great show & create the optimum environment for networking! Worth the time & money – BIG TIME!!!” Scott Flynn
“By far, the best conference I have attended. The L.A Office has found the right combination of quality, highly relevant speakers, networking opportunities, and casual atmosphere that allow for developing ideas and relationships for future success.” Lauren Hatton, Partnership & Promotions Manager
Legoland Florida
“L.A. Office events literally invite only the best of the best within the partnerships realm which delivers great connections insight.” Aubrey McClure, Head of Partnerships & Promotions
“Blown away by how great this conference is. The engagement of the attendees is high, with everyone open to new ideas and opportunities.” Doug McVehil, Brand Marketing
Amazon Music
“There has never been a better way to connect with today's most relevant brands. Haven't missed a conference in years…and my network is evidence of that!” Sonya Latreille, Director of Social Media and Public Relations
Schwarzkopf Professional
“This is by far the best conference I've been to - and easily the most fun! Everyone is so nice, approachable and willing to discuss partnerships. I highly recommend for anyone looking for a great environment to learn, share, network - and drink!” Courtney Jamieson, VP, News Business, Brand Partnerships
Universal Music Group & Brands
“The networking and quality of attendees is the best in the industry! Priceless connections and new friends.” Dusty Nosek, Director, New Business Development
Lime Media Group
“The Forum and Industry Insights are by far the best two conferences I attend each year. The contacts we've made and relationships we forged have proved invaluable to the Kidz Bop Brand.” Sasha Junk, SVP, Marketing & PR
“Great set of speakers; love the social/networking aspect - L.A. Office has made it very easy to get to know the attendees.” Priscila Stanton, Director of Marketing
Ready Pac Foods
“Everyone is so genuine, friendly and eager to make meaningful connections. The partnerships that have resulted from these conferences are truly unique and as a result of these connections, strong and extremely innovative.” Catherine Cantone, Coordinator, Events & Trade Marketing
The Weather Channel

Why are our events for you?

Meet Top Marketing Executives

Our exclusive event delivers results by inviting only senior-level, client-side partnership marketers to attend. If this is you, we promise an experience that's relaxed, engaging, focused on the future, and dedicated to helping you build successful partnerships.

Relevant Speakers, Important Topics

Each of the speakers at the Summit & Forum comes from a brand that is a category leader within his or her industry. Speakers introduce participants to marketing insights and trends in their industry, as well as the activities and opportunities specific to their company. Forum attendees can expect to learn about innovative promotional programs from the best, most influential marketers in the world, and leave with the necessary tools to create effective partnerships.

Our Sessions Start Conversations

Our events feature two informative "RoadShow Snapshot" sessions, that give attendees a behind-the-scenes look into the entertainment industries—allowing industry professionals to introduce major, soon-to-be-released properties and compelling partnership marketing opportunities.

Partnerships are Born at our Events

Our events have generated hundreds of successful marketing partnerships. The reason is simple: we know how to connect people and start the conversations. Our events bring the best people together and create a smart, lively program in a relaxed, creative atmosphere.


THE online community where brands and entertainment meet!

MarketingPartnerships.com is a unique online community where over 5,000 brand and entertainment marketers access vital information, share industry knowledge and explore partnership opportunities. Membership continues to grow each day, and brand and entertainment companies contribute new insights and marketing opportunities each day. Sign up today and be a part of this dynamic community!



Visual sell sheets that share upcoming partnership opportunities from a variety of categories!


Connect with any of our 5,000+ members from a variety of marketing backgrounds!


Find people or opportunities by searching through companies.


With 20+ years of research, we have a database of 9,000+ past partnerships!

Roadshow On-Demand

Delivering Instant Access to the Best Marketing Opportunities Around

The L.A. Office regularly releases brand-new RoadShow On-Demand Property Reviews, showcasing entertainment companies, and their hottest marketing opportunities. The RoadShow Property Reviews feature a "show-and-tell" format covering the full spectrum of entertainment, from film and television to music and video games. Through this format, brands get an early peek at upcoming partnership opportunities with entertainment companies, as well as access the individuals who are responsible for decisions for each property.

To watch the two Featured Property Reviews, all you need is a FREE Basic Profile on MarketingPartnerships.com. There is no cost to create or maintain a Basic Profile. To create a profile, click here.

The L.A. Office has over 100 RoadShow Property Reviews available on-demand exclusively for our V.I.P. & Corporate members. Upgrade for full access to RoadShow On-Demand. Click here to upgrade.





Consulting Services

Your Connection to the Entertainment Industry

Many brands either do not have a physical presence in Los Angeles, or do not have the expertise necessary to navigate the world of entertainment partnership marketing. The L.A. Office provides clients with a local presence and an acumen build successful entertainment partnerships. The L.A. Office consulting service identifies the hottest properties, connects the key decision-makers and guides clients through all phases of the partnership marketing process. With the global entertainment business becoming ever more complex, The L.A. Office offers clients a suite of partnership services, including:

  • PROPERTY IDENTIFICATION – The L.A. Office evaluates hundreds of marketing opportunities and identifies the leading programs to strengthen the bond between your brand and consumers.
  • ACCESS – The L.A. Office has worked with all major entertainment companies, allowing us to promote your brand directly to key brand and entertainment executives.
  • PRESENTATIONS – In addition to traditional property reviews, The L.A. Office will streamline your review process by culling through the numerous available opportunities and presenting only those that meet your company's marketing goals and objectives.
  • NEGOTIATION – With experience promoting both brands and entertainment properties, The L.A. Office helps streamline negotiations, often resulting in significant cost savings.
  • SUPPORT – The L.A. Office continually works with its vast network of brand and entertainment industry partners providing your company with a constant presence within the entertainment marketing industry.

For more details about some of the programs we've helped put together in the past, please click here.


The Jel Sert Company and Telepictures' ExtraTV teamed up to promote the 2017 “Otter Pop Vibes Tour”.


Mktg Partnership between Jel Sert and TRANSFORMERS THE RIDE 3D


Nat'l promo for Hallmark Channel original movie


Disney Home Entertainment and Southwest Airlines for Tinker Bell

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