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2016 Forum Speakers

The Brand Partnership Forum puts you together with key decision-makers who are changing the business of partnership marketing.

Our speakers are recognized thought leaders in their industries—ahead of the technology curve, first to know about new entertainment properties, always on the lookout for new partners. And you’ll meet them in a setting that’s designed to start conversations.

Information sessions are short, lively, and to the point—leaving more time for you to follow up and forge new partnerships.

Our Sessions Start Conversations

The Brand Partnership Forum features two informative sessions, "Entertainment Updates" and "RoadShow Snapshots." These give attendees a behind-the-scenes look into the television and music industries—allowing entertainment industry professionals to introduce major, soon-to-be-released properties and compelling partnership marketing opportunities.

Trends, Insights, & Opportunities From Industry Thought Leaders

More Big Names to Come—Keep Checking Back!

Understanding the Fast Food Industry & its Opportunities

In a marketer’s eyes, a fast food partner can be the tent pole of any promotional campaign. CKE, parent company of Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s knows this well, having executed countless partnerships for over 20 years! Brad Haley, Chief Marketing Officer of Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s, will share behind-the-scenes information on the food industry, how to partner, and their latest successes in promotions with tent pole properties like Kung Fu Panda 3, Deadpool, Netflix series DinoTrux, gaming franchise Call of Duty, ongoing relationships with Auntie Anne's, NASCAR, and more!

  • Carl's Jr./Hardees

    Brad Haley
    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Carl's Jr./Hardee's

Breaking the Mold: Insights into the Gifts & Novelties Industry

Breakthrough innovations come from thinking outside of the box, a concept marketers know and understand well when developing their marketing campaigns. Edible Arrangements broke the mold when creating a product that changed traditional gifting in a delicious way. Relevant in today’s health-driven society, they have been ranked as one of the Top Global Franchises and Fastest-Growing Franchises for the past five consecutive years! Hear from John Boccuzzi, the Vice President of Edible for Business, about how this industry is blooming, their current programs, the strategy behind what they do, and what they’re looking for in a partner.

  • Edible Arrangements

    John Boccuzzi
    Vice President, Edible for Business

  • Edible Arrangements

Tapping into the Beer and Wine Industry

The beer and wine industry is truly a blank canvas for marketers and their promotional needs! From retail to live entertainment to CPG and beyond, opportunities within the industry are substantial. Fetzer and their brands are consistently setting the bar in uncorking new partnerships. Hear from Rodrigo Maturana, VP, Marketing at Fetzer Vineyards, as he talks about their unique position within the industry, types of successful partnerships, their range of wines, and how to tap into the industry with a range of partnership extensions!

  • Fetzer

    Rodrigo Maturana
    VP, Marketing

  • Fetzer Vineyards

Baked Goods and Snacks

Baked goods bring a little smile to everyone… and there’s nothing a partner seeks more than a relevant category to collaborate with in order to drive awareness on a marketing campaign. Hostess, a household name since 1919, is best known for their famous Twinkies, Zingers, HoHos and beyond! Hear from Burke Raine, CMO of Hostess, as he shares insider info on being a leader in the baked goods category, and how they’ve made quite a splash in the marketplace with recent creative campaigns for entertainment partnerships with: Minions, Despicable Me, X-Men and Ghostbusters!

  • Hostess

    Burke Raine
    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Hostess

Insights into CPG & the Breakfast Category

As we know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day… and with the range of products available, it’s also one of the strongest opportunities for marketers! Kellogg’s is a leading brand in breakfast and the CPG category. Their strong portfolio of products are not only on every shopping list, but on the top of every partnership marketer’s hit list as well. Join Melissa Pawlowicz, Sr. Director, Integrated Promotions, who will not only share insights about this part of the packaged foods industry, but also how Kellogg’s has been creating partnerships with both entertainment properties and other brands alike.

  • Kellogg's

    Melissa Pawlowicz
    Sr. Director, Integrated Promotions

  • Kellogg's

Reaching Consumers with the Latest Digital Trends

A partnership with a popular and evolving digital platform has great potential for a marketer looking to break through the daily clutter! Pinterest, now with 47M+ users, continues to grow at a phenomenal rate. Jennifer Dasho, Brand Partnerships at Pinterest, will share why this fun and engaging social tool is everyone’s personal “catalog of ideas” and a great way to reach a target market in a different way.

  • Pintrest

    Jenifer Dasho
    Brand Marketing Lead

  • Pinterest

Insights on Wireless Communications

Wireless communication is truly the “it” category for any marketing executive…but with ever-changing technologies and consumer trends, it’s also a hard business to keep up with. Mike Belcher, VP Media & Consumer Engagement, will share his views on the industry, T-Mobile Tuesdays, and how his brand became the Un-carrier.

  • T-Mobile

    Mike Belcher
    VP, Media and Partnerships

  • T-Mobile


2016 Entertainment Updates and RoadShow Snapshots

While casual conversations may introduce attendees to entertainment marketing opportunities, our RoadShow Snapshots provide quick, 5 minute introductions of new marketing opportunities from 13 music and TV companies. This highly-concentrated format allows you to quickly review… leaving you with the appropriate contact to pursue any future opportunities. Take a look at some of the Corporate Members that are presenting at the 2016 Brand Partnership Forum:

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