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Connecting Brand and Entertainment Marketers Since 1994

About Us

The L.A. Office's mission is to unite brands and entertainment marketers so each can reach their promotional goals. We connect brand and entertainment marketers by providing access to a wide range of properties, resources and partnership opportunities. Our portfolio of services includes: an online community known as MarketingPartnerships.com; RoadShow On-Demand Property Reviews; biannual networking events; and personalized consulting. Our products and services ensure that our customers have up-to-date contacts and information to formulate successful marketing campaigns. Since our founding in 1994, The L.A Office has been recognized numerous times by a variety of media outlets.

The L.A. Office hosts a wide range of products and services
developed specifically for the entertainment marketing executive.

The L.A. Office Photo Album

There have been many memorable moments at The L.A. Office events. While all of our events provide invaluable insights and networking opportunities for brand and entertainment marketers, we also know how to make sure people have a good time. Here's a just a glimpse of the past six events and you can click here for photo galleries from before that. Enjoy!

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